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A Good Spanking

when I was in my early twenties I babysat some kids. The parent gave me permission to spanking them anyway I would like. So one evening we were playing a board game and I went into the kitchen to get something and I heard one of them scream so I ran in there to see what was going on I found out that one of the girls hit her sister with a toy so I took the girl pulled down her pants and gave her a hard spanking. When the parents came home I told them what happened they thanked me and called over the girl then the mom pulled down the girls pants and gave her a spanking then they thanked me again and said good night. By the way the girls are twins and are 6 years old.
Princessemily11 Princessemily11 31-35 8 Responses Nov 5, 2011

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question when you spank what do u spank with? how many swats ?

I started spanking while I was young and babysat

felt weird at first but I grew to enjoy it :)

I think they need it

How old were you and the one you spanked the first time? what did u use etc?

I was trusted lol. 11

you were young yourself and if I had to guess I bet u were still being spanked at home then????? I know i was wheni was sitting and spanked funny how we know how to make it hurt from being spanked ourselves

Thats what u call a double spanking im sure the little girls bottom had to be on fire

Wow she surely got a good spanking that night twice!

I got spanked by my sitter from age 10-13. She was a neighbor. She was 19 at the time she started sitting. My mom worked from 4-midnight so Carrie my neighbor would come and stay until my mom got home. Carrie had permission to spank from my mom. She was pretty cool and fun but was rigid about her rules. A broken rule meant a spanking. Most of them were just a quick trip over her knee and maybe 10-12 good smacks over my pants. On a couple of occasions though she spanked my bare butt with her belt. Worst ever was when my friend and I stole her cigarettes from her purse. She caught us smoking them behind the garage. She sent my friend home. She took my pants and underwear down and bent me over the back of a chair. She took off her belt and spanked my butt till it was glowing red. That belt sounded like a whip cracking. I deserved that one.

My mom often left me with babysitters (all teenage girls) since she worked fulltime and had an active nightlife. She gave permission for my sitters to spank me if I was bad. Sometimes that was the last thing she said before she left the house. 2 of the 4 main sitters she used took her up on it. Interestingly (but I suppose not surprisingly) I was better behaved for my spanking sitters. I liked my non-spanking sitters better but I respected my spanking sitters more and I felt safer with them.

I can realte to this as i have spanked some kids i have sat for of course only with the parents permission some have even showed mewhere they keep their spanking items like a paddle or brush it sure helps keep order in the house

Did you ever use any of them

i don't know what you mean of using if you are talking about sex then you are a sick pig and don't bother me again

Sorry what I meant to say was these items did you spank your charges bottom with them not use. Them to have sex

there is no reason why not to spank kids when you baby sit<br />
when i used to baby sit an they did not behave they got spank

spank them for not being quite after telling them few times for fighting with each ohter for not wanted to take bath