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Spanking For Lying

Well this incident just happend last night. I was babysitting little Rei yesterday for a good portion of the day.  She was being such a little angel for most of the day.  She set on my shoulders and brushed my hair for me, then mostly just cuddled up with me.  I'm like a big brother to her.  Well what happend was a friend of hers who I know and have babysat before also.  She came by and asked if Rei could go fishing with her.  Her mother was asleep but I needed to call her.  Well her mom said it was ok.  Then went back to sleep.  Well I found out that both girls said one of their other friends mothers was going to pick them up and take them to a little river that has fish in it.  Well came to find out that was a lie.  When Rei's friends Mom came by asking if I've seen her daughter?  I told her that she and Rei went fishing.  Well she and I got into her vehicle to go search for them.  This was at 10 almost 11 at night.  Well we searched the river trail when we finally found them.  I gave Rei a little bit of a glare and she knew right then and there that she was in trouble.  Well I contacted Rei's mom and told her the situation.  She was a little upset that Rei lied.  She told me to spank Rei and to tell Rei that she is grounded for a week.  Her mom works the overnight shift and so I was stuck there till one of her uncles came home from work.  So I took Rei home and told her to go take a bath and to come see me after she was done and dressed.  Well a few minutes later, Rei came out of her room in just a tshirt, no panties or pj pants on underneath cause she knew she was in trouble.  She came over and climbed up in my lap and just wanted me to hold her before I started.  So I looked down at her and said Rei Elizabeth, you know that you are in a lot of trouble don't you?  She just nodded her head and sucked on her thumb.  I rubbed her back to keep her calm.  Well I did tell her that she was also grounded for a week and that I was going to give her a spanking.  She just nodded her head again.  I told her to go to her room and wait for me there.  So she got up and walked to her room.  Well I grabbed a wooden spoon out of the kitchen and then headed to her room.  Well as I walked in Rei was in a corner waiting for me to show up.  Well I called her over and she slowly walked over with tears forming in her eyes.  She looked at me with those adorable green eyes of hers and said.  Please big brother, don't spank me.  I won't do it again.  I told her it needed to be done and Rei just looked at the floor.  Well she lifted her nightshirt up a little then draped herself over my lap.  I started spanking her with my hand for a warmup.  I gave her 15 with my hand. Her bottom was only pinkend a little.  Then I grabbed the spoon and started in on her bottom with that.  I gave her 15 with the spoon also and told her how bad it was to lie.  Well after her spanking I held her in my arms and rocked her till she fell asleep.  Well 15 minutes later her uncle came home and I filled him in on the situation and he thanked me and paid me 100 bucks for watching Rei all day.  Got in my vehicle and went home.  So it was a pretty busy day for me.  Rei is a sweet girl, but can be a handful.  

Would love some feedback.  

Any one who posts negative feedback your comment will be deleted..  I was only doing what I was told to do...
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well u say well before everything. n ur a ****** creep. ur a boy taking little girls clothes off and spanking them. its like u do it for ur own pleasure.

I find it funny how if the sitter was a girl and the child was a boy a lot of the responses would be wow he got spanked by a girl he's so lucky. NO ITS THE SAME ITS NOT ONE BIT DIFFERENT

Please he was doing as told shut up

Well done!

Things here make me worry..... If the girl was sucking her thumb she was either TOO young to go ANYWHERE unsupervised and/or she was WAY too old to be sucking her thumb...... the idea of two little girls alone makes me worry about abduction . I hope things are different and safer there than I am thinking. I do agree her actions needed a GOOD sore bottom !

Yes I agree an ADULT needed to be there ! She is TOO old to be sucking her thumb, I guessed she was 2 or 3 yrs. old and THEN I'd been having the thumbsucking ended. Bet she is a great kid ! I had a girl I was seeing that had a 7 yr. old daughter, she was very well behaved for that age . She was a sweet girl, wish I was her father !

Wish I had a sister and brother too for that matter growing up. Enjoy the time with her.... soon she will change and be a different "beast" lol.

I take it her mother is single .???? Have you ever thought of getting together with her.?

Sucking her thumb might be an old habit u said she must be 2 or 3 well a 2 or 3 year old cannot take a shower by themselves and can barley talk or walk so it is highly unlikely that Rei was frickin 2 or 3

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