The Babysitter

hi just got home from baby sitting for 2 little girls aged 6 and 4 i had just put them to bed when their grandad came round he is about 50 he said he had come to see the girls i told him they where in bed so he made himself a coffee and came and sit next to me on the sofa he kept looking at my legs as i had a short skirt on i could see him getting hard as he looked at me then he went upstairs to the toilet when he came back down he was naked and asked me to suck his **** witch was about 8in and fat so i said yes got on my knees and started sucking he only lasted about 3 min and then *** i try to swollow it all but to much so some went in my face then he asked if he could **** me but i said no i am not ready for that yet so he got dressed and left i had just cleaned myself up when his son and his wife got home x
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He splattered a full load in your throat


Sharing is caring! Great story. Please add me.

Now that was hot.

so exciting! and so good of you; to suck and share your story!

Hot story sweetie, please add me

Do you spank?

what a wonderful sitter you are.. ever think about doing the father?

I had sex with 3 of my babysitters two after they had stop sitting for me and one while she was my live-in sitter. So I know how hot some sitters are.

baby sitters are so hot. they thought me my first lesson on sex. we were all little that time but she knews rubbing more than me. she was around 11 and I was around 13. she was my first girl. we had not ****** but we rubbed until we are both wet.

We had a few babysitters, girls that lived on our street, that were hot. I remember coming home and seeing them in their tiny bikinis. One time, I walked upstairs and one was changing from her bikini to her clothes. The door was open, I saw her nude and apologized. She said it was fine and started talking to me while staying nude. It happened a few times after that and I never realized that maybe she wanted more from me.

Thanks for the comment. It doesn't help that my wife had instilled in my brain that young girls did not want to see a old man (I was 40 then) naked or in a speedo, etc... Nor did young girls want to go swimming with an old man or have an old man watch them. Because of this, I tried not to make the girls uncomfortable and would not look or compliment them. So you can imagine my confusion when after apologizing, she just stayed nude and talked. Now I realize she wanted me to see her nude. The second time it happened, I realized it was intentional as she was changing in our room, in the master bathroom. I walk in and she's in front of the mirror. The first words out of my mouth was "Oh ****" ....but I quickly followed that with a compliment on the perfection of her body. I was a geek then, because we discussed her eating habits, exercise routines and skin management.....a 10min conversation we had while she was nude. I look back now and wondered what she thought. The last time it happened, I was better prepared. I was much "cooler" then, pretending like it was no big deal. She was nude, needed help with the shower, called me in again for a towel, and then walked out nude. This time, my wife was gone, kids were playing and she must have stayed nude for a good half hour while making me a sandwich in the kitchen. I was dumb then, never made a move on her, I guess I liked the fact that she was so comfortable being nude around me.
Today, I have my daughter's college girls to contend with and I'm much smarter now about these things. I'm more flirtatious and know how to tease them without being creepy. I'm the "cool" dad now. And my wife is wrong, there are young girls that are attracted to older men. And I have not met one girl yet that has not given me a compliment while wearing my speedo. But, it took me 5yrs to get in shape....not an easy feat.

it's too bad I don't have any kids yet, I'd hire you instant. any chance you'd add me? I'd love to keep you in mind when i do have kids

Add me sweetie. You got any time to come babysit for me as well or is your schedule full? lol ;)

I suppose you could *** baby sit for me even if I don't have any children at home. Maybe you would like it to squirt all over your boobs ....

would love 2

Why did you do it?

4 fun babes

mmmmmmmm can u add me?

yes babes

I need a babysitter!

i would baby sit

Where are you from?

WOW full service babysitting.. but I agree he should have pleasure you anyway you wanted!

I hope he returned the favor and licked your ***** at sometime..

Great story. Would love to hear more about your experiences. Please add me.

Mm! Be my babysitter! Lucky guy!

I have 2 young kids ;)
...but i cant ever get as lucky as grandpa did..

u need a new babysitter then

Hell yea i do! Any suggestions? Lol.

id love 2 be ur babysitter anytime

Where are you from? Id love for you to be!

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