Nude In The Back Yard

I consider my self a nudist.I love beeing nude as often as possible.I love to set on my patio and relax nude or walk around the yard walk around the yard nude I have to make sure neighbors are not home.I dont mind beeing naked in front of people rather it be males or females of any age,I just love beeing nude inside or outside.My wife will be nude inside without care but not too to much outside but she isnot really shy about beeing nude.I would love to be nude with others who understand me.I live  in Mid Michigan.Anyone interested in joining me or us sometime?Just love beeing naked cant help myself,it is my favorite thing to do beeing nude.Tired of doing it a lone though.Sorry I guess this more of a blog than a story.
wyldman99 wyldman99
3 Responses Jun 27, 2010

okay it looks like wyldman hasn't been on ep for 8 months dont suppose we get any response from him

Another Michiganian naturist, the past two years Ive enjoyed getting away to the Forest Hills Club or Turtle Lake Resort as often as I can for social nudism. Otherwise I'm nude indoors or out on my balcony at home. I tried to add you to my circle wyldman but your privacy setting won't let me.

I live between Grand Rapids Lansing Portland and Charolotte 40 acere woods with a pond? single male here interested?