"back Porch" Nudist ?

I live with my 96 year old grandmother in her sprawling 3 bedroom duplex/condo (There's one shared wall) and while it doesn't have a backyard, per se, there is a private entrance to the master bedroom suite that i occupy, that has a little fenced area off of a small porch. I got a small vegetable garden out there, tomatoes and cucumbers, and several pots of flowers, seedlings, or transplants of whatever i got going on at the time. The complex is mostly retired senior citizens and the streets a dead end, so there's not a lot of traffic at this "back entrance" enclosure. The fence is about 5' high and although the boards are old and the gaps between are big enough to get an idea of what's on the other side, i sneak out and sit, relax, water the plants naked in the evening.

I've always had a sort of criteria for the places I live in. I want to be able to go out the door at night and be able to **** off the porch if need be. Doesn't have to be super private, just empty enough at night to take the garbage out in the nude or the like.
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Is your grandma into your life style?