Not A "nudist", More Like Naked Tanning

So my family has a cabin on a lake a few hours from our house, thats surrounded my trees so basically the nearest neighbor is probably like 3 houses down compared to a normal american development. I started to tan topless a few years ago up there mostly because it is so well hidden, and because I like to wear tank tops in the summer and hate having big tan lines from my top. Soo after awhile of doing that I noticed how weird it looked when I was showering that I looked like a ghost down below and a decent tan every where else. So I started to tan in my thongs which was ok, but at that point there's really no point in doing that so finally building enough courage I've started to tan nude. It's pretty nice I have to say. After doing it for awhile now it's really helped my over all look I feel (as long as I use some sunblock) (which I learned the hard way after not being able to sit comfortably for a while). I will defiantly continue to do it at the cabin as far as going to a beach or at my house I will say no, but I might change my mind someday.
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I have been a Nudist/Naturist for 50 years and don't regret a single day. I hope you continue for many years to come.

wish i was at your cabin this weekend with you!!

Wish I was ther with you both

I't is a great feeling being outside with the warm sun on you and the the cool breeze. Glad this is helping your confidence. Maybe you'll be able to go around the house that way too. :)

nothing much better than being naked outside.... please add

"I looked like a ghost down below and a decent tan every where else" That one made me crack up :D Is there any chance your family wants to adopt a young girl from Denmark so I can stay at that cabin too? ;) I'm a big fan of nude sunbathing but terrified of being watched doing it at the same time, so a cabin on a lake with "the nearest neighbour probably 3 houses down compared to a normal American development" sounds like a good deal :)

Fantastic - I only like to have an all-over tan myself. And it's wonderful when I can work on that outdoors rather than under a lamp inside a tanning salon. Besides, I hate the way swimsuits feel and having to hang them in the shower to dry/drip all over is such a pain.

Before I met my wife I used to spend some time at the beach in thong swim suits. I loved the feeling of the sun on my 'buns', but what strange tan lines I had! Just a few thin traces of pale skin next to large areas nicely bronzed. These days I just have a constant lightly browned complexion from what incidental sun I get skinny dipping in the pool during stolen moments on sunny weekends.