Nude On The Deck

I had a phone call from a lady who wanted to buy my spinning wheel.She said she would come for a look at around 6:00 pm.

Since I was home alone, I went to the deck to work on my one piece tan.

A  little later I had fallen asleep and was awakened by sensing that I was not alone. I opened my eyes and found that I was looking straight up at a woman who was wearing a loose sundress and nothing else! I could see everything but her face.

She said she came to see the spinning wheel. I said "It can't be 6 yet". She said "No, it's just after 2:30. I'm on the way to the nude beach with my daughter, and we decided to stop now instead of on the way back.

I said, "Just let me get my shorts and I'll show you the wheel."

She said "Don't bother with the shorts, we're naturists too." and pulled her sundress off over her head. Her daughter did the same and we went inside to have a look.(quite a few looks, actually). After a few minutes they dressed and left, but they didn't buy it.

I enjoyed the experience anyway.

toolman toolman
Mar 13, 2010