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not really a story but a question. I am a backyard nudist but my wife is not what  can I do,It is hard for me but I do love her, she knows I am a backyard nudist, I think whats wrong with being nude. I Love being nude. I wish I could have an experence with a nudeist

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Does she go nude in the house or anywhere? My wife will not go nude outside in the daytime but will at night. Just talk to her and just be patient.

I think if your wife knows you are a backyard nudist, you two should compromise maybe begin two or three days being that backyard nudist. I think sometimes the other person must experience the freedom you are having with being a backyard nudist for them to try it out.

just take it easy ... it's a personal choice ... just enjoy the freedom as much as possible and add new dimensions as you go ... soon you'll find she'llaccept you being naked whenever and wherever you are ... it's worth the effort , and amazing how many people are quite at ease with the situation

Know what you mean. Iam in the same boat .

we love t obe nude at home and on trips. we are little shy about doing this around friends, but working up to it. when on trips, or around strangers, much easier for her for some reason.

my wife knows I like to be nude I tell her why do you need to hide being nude whats wrong with it but she just wont do t it I just wish she would join me

In my relationship, we are both somewhat nudist, but I am avid about it and my partner isn't. So he knows I will usually be naked at home, or wherever else I can get away with it, but often he won't -- there is no tension. He does like being nude with friends, so social occasions are easy. We know some couples where one is and the other isn't so the nudist simply goes to fewer nude events, and does it mostly when the partner is otherwise busy -- just like any other non-shared hobby.<br />
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Stay naked and have fun!<br />
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I would like to meet some nudist couples

Same here, I like to be naked but my wife does not. I have a pool and the neighbors can't see anything. I tried to convince her and she is not into it.