I Could Use the Good Karma Points.

 So I'd like to apologize to some of the women I've made cry over the past four years.


To Flor:

I'm sorry for making you cry more times that you ever should have. I'm sorry for screening your calls for months aat a time and then phoning you frantically. I'm sorry for all the lies I told you, and I'm grateful for the irony that now you're one of the few people I can be completely and totally honest with. I'm sorry for dropping in and out of your life at random intervals, I really don't want to be the cause of any problems you and Nathan might have (again). It's true that absolutely no one wants us to have any feeling towards each other, and I love how you don't care. Something tells me we will end up married (and divorced, because as we both know—who are we kidding?). Hopefully it'll happen in Vegas with no one around to object.



To Brazil:

I'm sorry for not doing all I could to keep us going. I'm sorry for being stubborn, and not doing the things you asked of me simply out of my own adolescent bullheadedness. I'm sorry for not being myself with you, and for being too afraid to show you how the better side of me. I'm sorry for the timing of our relationship, and wish we could have tried it after I'd transferred and had a few important self-realizations. I'm sorry I drunk dialed you so many times, yelled at you across the strees when Rene and I saw you and Linda at Market Days, and I'm sorry you hate me as much as you do. I really think you were perfect in a lot of ways, more than you could ever know. A part of me will always love you, and a small part of me will always be hoping you'll come rescue me.


To Maia:

I'm going to get you back. Becase three years later: I still religiously sit and watch The Fairly Oddparents, I still blame Canada for everything, I still laugh when someone falls because it reminds me of that time we saw that guy fall off his bike because his backpack made him topheavy, I still talk about hitting stupid people in the babymaker, and I still listen to the Snakes on a Plane album. I hope you do to. 



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and im only 13


so what triggered this??

most definitely a first.