Not Just A Bad Friend But A Bad Person...

I thought i was a nice person, looks out for my friends, a laugh- well i proved myself wrong... thinking about it now i am those things, but not very often, i ***** about my friends, i dont trust any of them, i'm no good with secrets, im too sarcastic in fact in general im not just a bad friend im a bad person and a bit of a slag...i know this at 14... i know i need to change but i don't know where to even start... but how do you change every aspect of your personality? Before you lose everyone...
lovessmiles lovessmiles
18-21, F
1 Response Oct 23, 2011

I think u only need to change 1 thing <br />
Not good with secrets <br />
The rest it fine <br />
If ur friends havnt left u know they prob won't <br />
But I would hold myself back on the hole secret thing