I Just Gave Up

In years past I used to somewhat of a good friend, I gave people gifts on their birthdays, I hung out with people, I try to help with their problems. But more and more lately, I stopped doing that. I stopped caring to listen to people, let alone my friends. I started ignoreing and stopped talking with two of my other friends, even though one of the them, tried talking to me today. I simply did not want to talk to her, or listen to her.
I tried through many years to know how to deal with people socially, and tried to connect with them, and to keep that relationship. Now, I just decided What is the point anyways.
So I can be nice to them, at their very need while they talked back to me, so they can part sides with other more interesting people? So they can play this little game of " Who gonna talk to who first?".
Though when I was ignoring her, and she kept asking me, " Have you been avoiding me", I want to say the she is wasting her time worrying about me. I want to, so that she can leave me alone. But I said nothing in return, my two former aquaintances talked to each other and walked away with saying a farewell.
Like I want to do with the majority of friends or acquaintances I already have.
And this has started since over the course of my high school year.

And if you think I am manipulative, that's ok, I already think that myself.
captivityensured captivityensured
18-21, F
Jan 6, 2012