I'm Sorry Sorry Sorry!

I do rude things in my interactions with others on here. No, I don't call my friends names or anything like that. I just suck at saying goodbye! I never say anything, I just log out(actually I don't hit "log out". I just go do something else). And I am slow at answering mail. I'm bad at looking after people. Statuses help a lot. I have commented with someone because of something in their status. But some people I have just outright ignored. Not for any reason. I need to get better at making the first move. It's a reflection of me in real life! Yep. That's the bad thing about a huge circle(I don't consider mine huge but I have to watch it!). It is so hard to keep up on people so they know you care. And I do! I admit I get caught up in my own problems to put it mildly. And also I am talking to my guy a lot on yahoo IM. But EP is important to me and so are my peeps. So I'll try to do better in that regard.
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5 Responses Jun 28, 2012

You try. That's all any of us can do at the end of the day. :)

Thanks Candy :)

Thanks..... I think you are great as a friend~ we all just need to say hi once in awhile~ *anything means something :) I'm super busy I try to say hiya! Take care hope you feel better!

ya, same. no complaints. except you didn't say anything about my hilarious kitty pic. lol.

I'm on it right now. I have a WONDERFUL video to share. I have to eat now but I'll post it later on. Yeah I play a lot of Facebook games.

xxoo, no worries. 1 pushup! Soon 100!

how about 0? hahaha..sorry but that is too hard..ill stick to the dumbbells...the weight kind...

Well, we talk. I knew dat :)