Can't Keep My Mouth Shut

My friend cassie(changed names for privacy) and I started becoming good friends about two years ago. She started telling me things that she didn't want other people to know. Things that I wasn't sure I could handle. Such as her drinking problems and her fathers affairs. And it effected me at an extremely emotional level knowing I couldn't help her. I knew that the only way to be there for her was to listen to her and try to comfort her. Well the thing is, I was acting like these secrets didn't effect me because I wanted to be strong for her. And they did effect me. Then a year ago she had to leave our school because of something that was going on in her family. She didn't even tell her boyfriend that she was leaving untill she was already gone. And he and my other friend we're asking me what was going on. And they were asking why she was leaving. And I was so tired of keeping it all a secret and they were crying and I broke down and told them everything...i guess i thought that i wouldnt no longer be alone in trying to help her but i made things worse. Now she's back at our school and they told her that I had told them stuff. And I feel horrible and guilty and I wish I hadn't done it and my stomach hurts from feeling like a terrible person. And the worst part is she doesn't know it was a year ago.... she thinks I'm still going around and telling people and it hurts to know that I'm such a bad person.
Coffee411 Coffee411
Nov 25, 2012