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Insecurity And It'S Concequences.....

I usually don't have much friends in school. But this time, I do and I treated them very badly. I admit that all the pain and tension in the air is because of me.
They were so supportive of me and bared all my negativity and I treat them like garbage.
Well, we met at the beginning of the year and all was going well, until feelings of insecurtiy and jeaoulsy creped up my mind and I started acting all weird and funny, It's like I can't even believe what they are saying cuz this little voice in my head is telling me that they are lying to me and that makes it really hard to trust them....
This "little voice" is taking over my life..... I have no idea how to get rid of it and I jnow if I don't...... things could get nasty.... All this started when I was young and bullied alot, usually, I trusted that little voice alot and now, it's taking over my life... I cn't even do things that I KNOW i can d just cuz the "little voice" tells me that peole would just laugh at me..... I really don't know what to do so who ever reads this... plz help me.....
Joni12345 Joni12345 16-17 Feb 9, 2013

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