I Suck.

I love my friends, I do, dearly.  I have very few of them, and each one is very precious and unique...but I'm a terrible friend.  I make plans, and break them.  I say I'll be somewhere, but I don't show.  I really, really suck.  I could justify all this by whining and crying about my social anxiety disorder and all that nonsense, and it would be true, but it doesn't change the fact that I leave my girls hanging in the wind far too often.  Honestly, I'm not really sure why they still ask me out.  Damn I suck. 
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Do you like your own company? I do but I also find it really hard to get myself motivated to go out with the girls as I know I will have to make an effort and they will all no doubt look far better than me even though I have spent hours getting ready.... call it insecurity. tell me about you.

I can not stand it when I misspell. Anyway I forgot to add---though you may have to work at it, the more you hang out with your pals the more comfortable you will get. Part of it is the natural process of having new experiences with your friends and therefore more memories to share. I find that it is crucial that you make time for friends. It is a bittersweet thing to finally talk to your friends after so long and realize that you all have experience so much without each other it feels like you lost much of what you had in common. Not that there isn't time to start fresh again. Hang in there and make plans to hang out <br />

I'm the same-except I don't skip out on hang outs, I outright reject them. I have social quirks to put it lightly and it comes from this idea that I'm boring and can't carry a good conversation. I actually can't think of anything to say---I know this to be true because my own family has told me. In a gradual, gentle way of course. It's a problem I began to notice in middle school and it continued until now at 22. You're situation is different in that you do agree at first to go----this is as if you've taken a first step or something--I can't even get that far most of the time. But this is why your friends continue to ask because you say you will go and they see that you want to. My friends stopped asking me which always makes me feel sad even though I understand why. Go ahead and go out with your friends one day even if you are already at he point of feelin so uncomfortable that you want to change your mind. Likely you will have a great time, but you may also feel like it was a lot of work to do just to get out and will have to warm up to it again and again. At least, that's how I am.

Same thing here. Sometimes I feel too aware of others and reject friends that have really done nothing bad. :[ I know it's not right.

I tend to make the same mistake and I feel guilty all the time. One thing that i'm learning is that when I do hang out with them I actually enjoy myself. So i'm trying to talk myself out of saying no and at say yes more often. I know it's hard because some time you simply don't feel like going out or leaving but in the long run i think you'll be happier if you go out more

you dont suck <br />
dont let people make you feel worthless<br />
you have to realize what you want from life. do you want these friends to stay close to you? if you dont want to lose them then just make up for your lost times and make time to spend time with them. explain your situation and make sure you explain that it is not an excuse for your behavior but they may have to keep it in mind that it isnt as easy for you as it is for them.<br />
take care i hope everything works out