Bad Friend Bad Human

I am a bad friend. I had two friends from my youth. About my sophmore year. Guys. I also have about the same tim a good friend femail. A majority of our lives the four of us were together. The female friend married one of my guy friends in the circle. Infor.mation needed for this is...both guy friends were heavy addicts. One I had a falling out with over his use of coke and meth. The other, after many years went to rehab came out clean for two years. Buttt he was whe they call dry drunk. Anyway, him and his wife were my very best friends in the entire world...they had 3 kids that I loved and loved (due to cancer in my 20s I am not able to have kids) so I got alot out of being a part in their family. They Husband/friend started having an affair...she was also but neighter knew...I did. The husband meet a 19 year old prosute herion addic and left his wife(our friend) to be with this young girl (we are in our upper 30's)..he stated using crack and herion and it all crashed down. His young girl would call and harrais the wife saying how good he was in bed (while they were high). So he was an attonery and they had alot of money for him to binge on. I stopped talking to him...becuase my life experience has taught me how to handle addiction and the people I care about. I was done with him but his wife and kids I kind of stepped up for and help in every way I could. They got divorced and he ended up living on the streets. He attached me for not talking to him and casued several problems for me because I was not talking to him. I would not help him. He moved from dumpster and dumpster never calling the kids...birthdays or nothing. Then once every few wWell, un planned and somewhat unhealty wife and I began something more in our relationship (way to complacated to get into). And I still love him but know that relationship is over. For his kids I want him to get better. It's just a mess. I love her...I love him...they are over...I didn't help him I helped her and his kids. I feel like I broke the dude code and dissapointed so many by my actions. I know it will heal over time. It just sucks.

jones44 jones44
36-40, M
Mar 2, 2009