I Only Want the Best For Them.

I am horrible. I read one of the first stories from someone in this group who feels like a bad friend for constantly blowing their friends off because of emotional issues. Unfortunately, I am on the other end of this, and I just told my friend who does this completely off at a meal today in public. It was horrible and uncomfortable and completely inappropriate. I was tired of being blown off; this person blows me off time and time and time again so they can continue to hole themselves up in their apartment and be depressed. I guess I am more jealous of their apartment than anything else--at least it gets to see this special person as much as I would like to. I hurt her and made her cry, and that sucks.  I realize that my feelings are valid, but the way I did this was just the worst. I could not feel any lower for the way this happened, and the most awful part is she is a very big grudge-holder. When she's hurt, you may not hear from her for months. Which means the little communication I had from her will stop completely.

I did call and leave an apology voicemail.
notTheGreatest notTheGreatest
26-30, F
Oct 28, 2007