Im Not A Bad Influence, Dipshit.

Some people say that bad influences, but mostly, my best guy friend said that : "you're a bad influene and you want x to do drugs with u and u stole x from her friends and youre changing x ! " okay so first of all i dont consider laughing gas as a drug. I am ******* free o do it whenever i want and that is none of your buisness. Second of all, stole x from her friends and changed x to a bad person that likes thug life and all tht ghetto ****; i cant make someone change! They do it to themselves they make their decisions and all that ****. Steal x from her friends is pathetic because u dont know **** from what happened all u know is that she used to hang with them and now with me, well thats ****** because i was the only one who stood for her between all the other bithes who kept on spreadin rumors bout her. I made her a strong person and remember that I ******* MADE YOU TOO. *******.
Maybey67 Maybey67
May 24, 2012