So I hung out with my boyfriend's little sister this evening. She's 17 and I haven't been super close with her in the couple years that I've been dating her brother. Circumstances were that the rest of their family was going to be occupied and neither of us had anything to do, so I suggested we hung out. It was a little odd at first. We've always been friendly with one another but never really had a chance to get to know each other. So for the first hour, we kind of went around shopping and stuff but didn't really say much. I'd try and make small talk but she was a little shy. But when we had stopped at a table for her to find her phone in her purse, something fell out. It was a pack of cigarettes. My boyfriend's 17-year-old sister smoked. When she saw that I saw, she looked mortified. Deer in headlights. I could tell she was looking for the right words. So I saved her the trouble. "Can I have one?" She was even more shocked. She was puzzled. I told her I wouldn't tell if she didn't. So she pulled a pair out and we smoked together. Now I know I shouldn't be encouraging a 17-year-old to smoke. But at this point, nothing I'm going to say is going to dissuade her. So we finally bonded over cigarettes. The rest of the evening went great. We were both way more relaxed about living up to any expectations. I know if my boyfriend finds out, he will not be happy. But it's our little secret and hopefully it's the start of a friendship.
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Two cigarettes a charm.