I Really Don't Feel Like Going....

My uncle just died a few days ago and I haven't been to his wake, nor visited him once when he was still at the hospital. I used my busy schedule at work, and meetings to excuse myself from going.

The fact is that I hate Funeral homes, don't like the feel of it. Also, I don't like him that much. I just can't forget the time when he used to bully me when I was a kid, and curse me that my life will fail and that he'll destroy me (really, really mad about that). I don't feel any griefs or sympathy for his death, and I feel like it is inappropriate to go just because you are told to do so, again and again. I just don't think it is genuine, especially if you never intend to pay any respect at all. I never like his family, my cousin and half-cousins they have caused enough trouble before, and now in the possible coming years.

Does it make me a bad person? I know it's wrong to hold grudges, but I don't want to do anything that I am not that willing to do just to please myself and to not feel guilty about it. Also, I am not the only person who hated him that much. In fact, everyone wants him dead a long time ago. I just don't know why they're all nice now, spending and preparing for the funeral. I just don't feel that he deserves any of that....

Hearing them talk about him annoys me, or anything related to his family for that matter...o_0
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1 Response Apr 13, 2012

Thats what i feel sometimes, made me feel you are like me