When I Look In the Mior I Dont Like What I See.

i'm a bad person. i dont like the the person i am i feel like i let my family dawn i have troubles ceeping a clean house some one turned us in one tim saying me and my husdand wasnt good parents i feel that way alout i fieel like i dont desirve to have a son and a husdand i think iam a bad mother and wife and thay would be datter of with out me bacouse i can't keep averry clean house and i always making mustakes and i'm so clumsie and it ncauses trouble or it tares stuff up. i'm prag. again and i think why did god let me have a family if he new i was just going to let them dawn i think thay desirve aloute better than me somtimes i think about let ing them go so my husband can find a better wife for him and a better mother for our son and the one on the way i think i desirve to be all alone so i want bother nobody else and put thim through the same thing i put my family through. it hurts somtimes i wish i were some body else i've tryed to chang for 9years that as long as me and my husband have ben toghter nothing seems to worki just want to dissiper and dont tell nodody where i am that way no body whould half to put up with me du myself i don't want to leave my mfamily but i don't know what else to do.what do i do?????
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3 Responses May 3, 2007

People who are bad don't actually think this way. Bad people don't care about such things. These are all lies. Don't let a single lie go through your head again and guess what? You will begin to let your brain and head feel fresh air. You will change your life forever.

Keeping a clean home is not the most important part about being a mother. What matters most is giving emotional support to your family. Encourage your children and husband to seek their dreams. Tell them you believe in them and that they will grow strong and be able to face whatever challenges life brings, and make them feel loved. That is what your children will remember when they are grown up, not how clean the house was.

I definitely agree! Depression will make the whole world look hopeless! I would also recommend seeing your doctor (as well as a counselor) for some mild anti-depressants. HOWEVER - If you are taking other drugs, tell that to your doctor also. He/she may be able to help you with that as well.