Hate Myself

I am such a bad person. My aunts, uncles and cousins hate me. I can't do or say anything right. I feel like I am a parasite.

I sometimes think if I just disappeared everyone would be happy without me. I can be quite needy and feel like I always look for praise and want everyone to like me. I think this is down getting bullied at high school.

Myself and my cousin got into an argument and we both said horrible things to each other but I get the feeling I've been blamed for it all. I try to talk to my cousins about things but they do not understand me and they find me irritating and annoying.

I think I am the most awful person in the world. I feel that I have this deep dark hole inside me and I can not get away from it. I just want to disappear.
amberwolf55 amberwolf55
22-25, F
3 Responses Sep 17, 2012

Okay firstly, I am sorry to be annoying but can any of you supply details? How am I supposed to agree that you are a piece of ****, or argue against that, without knowing a single thing that you have done? Anyway, it sounds to me like mostly you nede to get outstide of your own head a bit

What helped me is that i've moved away. met new people and dont have a lot of contact with them. when i go home is feel the same people but when im not there i can be myself be new and people accept me for who i am. Of course I am back home now and these feelings are back. Im moving away soon though

i feel the same way....but in my case its not aunts and uncle...its my parents and brother...they hate me. They would be so happy if I left the house. They are right everytime. I am only bad and ignorant, I land up having fights all the time, cant help it anymore. sometimes i feel like dying.