I Tell Myself I Am A Good Person

But I am not.

I cheat. I lie. I steal. I do things for my own benefit. I was a prostitute while in a relationship. I've had 5 abortions due to absolute carelessness in relationships.

I don't deserve the awesome boyfriend that I have. He wants to marry me but I couldn't. I can't be with him forever and it's a burden I have to carry. I never cheated on him, but I probably will. I'm having an online/text emotional affair with someone I've known for 5 years. I will probably meet up with this guy at some point, lie to my boyfriend about it, and have sex with him.

I steal from work, though I don't care about that. It's easy money and it's untraceable to me. Plus, the owner is a sexist scum bag. We are both scum bags. I just know how to act like a good person.

If you ask anyone I know, they will tell you I am the most honest, trustworthy, and good person they've met. I guess that's part of the fun, right?

An Ep User An EP User
Jan 23, 2013