Make Me Feel Stupid Please

is it my fault OK sure i could try harder i could spell check but i just rather admit get on with it and talk anyways    make 3 theres and wears to confuse me ad a silent letter so i forget it goes there ad an s to iland so i is on land  but then make me stupid cause i can't spell on top of that we took the words miss spelled them and called them are own how rude is that makes me mad makes me horny makes me spell how ever i want and not want to learn how to do it right and if i do like the word pissed i will spell it pist for short just cause i can and want to  plus i like to give the gramer nuts something to fuss over
littlemstpy littlemstpy
26-30, F
2 Responses Nov 2, 2007

Great way NOT to get a job,isn't it?

Okay, but people will have a harder time reading what you want them to read. It takes longer to read and ppl may not want to work that hard and will skip your stories, etc...