I Am Beautiful

I had long hair, often down to my waist, all the way until high school. When I finally tried shorter hair cuts, I loved the way I looked. I kept my hair short for several years, trying out different styles, dying it crazy colors and just having fun. Recently I decided to completely shave my head to try something new, plus I never liked spending tons of time styling my hair. It took me a few days to get used to seeing myself in the mirror, but I loved how I looked and how my hair (the tiny bit that was left) felt. Most people I knew were either surprised, wanted to know why I shaved my head, or didn't say much, but I did get some compliments, several from random strangers. Sadly some people didn't think I should shave my head as a woman. The worst reaction I got was from a relative of my husband who sent me a nasty message accusing me of making fun of people with cancer, insulting me for not donating my hair, hinting that somehow I was upsetting God by shaving my head, and telling me I COULD be a beautiful lady if I knew how to be a woman. I was hurt that anyone could bring themselves to think those things, but it just made me love my shaved head more. Women can be beautiful with or without hair, and shaving my head was in no way meant to insult women with cancer, I thought the very notion of that was just ridiculous. I replied to her message, addressing each of her complaints about my hair calmly, and I made sure to tell that that I AM a beautiful woman and I don't need long hair to be one.
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I would love to get you a haircut bald

Good for you, i admire your courage and the fact that you could calmly answer with dignity all those unfounded insults so cruelly thrown at you. i hope this relative thinks about how unfair and mean she was and how gracious you were and also considers that it is your head and hair and you have the right to do as you please and what makes you happy. Frankly i don't think she had any right to criticize you at all and most certainly not in the manner that she did. If she is at all honest with herself she should realize she owes you a sincere apology at the very leas.t

I can tell you this, and this is a fact, the most BEAUTIFUL women I have ever seen in my life have shaven heads and in most cases do not have a single hair on their heads. I can also tell you the most BEAUTIFUL young girl I ever saw, she was between 7 to 10 couldn't tell all that good, looked like an angel and there was not a single hair on her head and she was proud of and knew she was beautiful and she did not care what others thought or said about her. Three of my sister have had their heads shaved completely smooth and hairless over the years and at different ages. One of my younger sis's has been compltetly hairless for going on 2 years now, and I have the honnor of shaving her smooth every few days. So I love you, my sisters and all of you with the courage to be truly BEAUTIFUL and a vision that God LOVES to see you in his eyes. Blessings to you, Maybeth.


YOU BE YOU! Nuff Said!

I agree with you and will say that some men look great with shaved heads :-)