I'm Bald by Choice

I started to cut my hair shorter and shorter beginning about 7 months ago. I began thinking about shaving my head in late July and finally on August 1st I did it! I used an electric clippers to take it down to 1/8" and then shaved it clean with a safety razor right down to my scalp. It was such a wonderful feeling and so liberating. I kept it this way for a week or so and starting growing it out again. After 3 weeks I was missing that sensual feeling of a smooth scalp so I shaved my head again.
I went about 3 weeks again and decided to shave my head again. I just can't help it but I find there is something wonderful about a smooth shiny head. I go out and to work without a wig or any type of head covering and have been told by several friends that it's a good look on me. One friend even told me I look like Amber Rose. I guess I have a good shaped head for it.
It's been a little over 3 weeks now and I'm getting the urge again to shave it down to nothing but smooth skin. I can't help it but I love the feeling of a smooth scalp and head. Is this a strange thing for a women?
If I do shave my head again I'm thinking about keeping it bald for a while maybe several months before I decide if I want to keep it this way permanently. Permanently bald...it's kind of an exciting idea.
For others out there that share these same feelings, please feel free to comment and share your experiences.
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after losing her hair to cancer she decided to stay bald and did for over 2 years till she passed away was a good look on her

My name is Bre, I am going to shave my head in 2 weeks. I am from Washington state and I have no friends or family support. I really really wish that I knew someone or had friends that shaved their heads too :-(

What is inspiring you to take this step?

I enjoy the idea of not having hair, or being sexy because I have hair. I even dream about being bald and in my dreams I am smiling, I can not wait

Go ahead and get this taken care of. You have some great ideas.

I am also bald by choice and have been for two years. What started out as a way to bring focus to my Spiritual Journey, developed into a brand-like image for the books I have written. Now, I would not consider any other style as it has become such a big part of who I am!

Sounds like a lot of fun.

i agree with totally. I too have the same kind of urge to have shiny bald head & it excites me. I have not very thick because it is in steps till waist length, I want to know if i have to go to a decent barber shop or i can get it done in an high end beauty parlour. please let me know how much they might charge for this & also like you maintain the same bald style for a while.

Sounds good. When do you want to get started?

I admire you and would willingly change places if it were possible. You have attained
the status of a genuine baldy. I would love not to have to shave my head any more.
It is good to see that head shaving is more popular now among boys and young men,
as well as the bold women who are embracing it. Can you say something about the
product you used and where it is obtainable from. Congratulations once again. Don't
ever regret becoming bald. You are beautiful.

love to see a woman who is having shiny and smooth scalp like you .you r great keep it up.....

It's nice to know there are other women out there who have tried such a "drastic" look before, and not for the usual reason of supporting a loved one battling cancer - I just wish it didn't carry with it the kind of shock-value society seems to assign to women who are bald, especially by choice.

Personally, I've had thick, dark hair most of my life, but, in October 2008, a stubborn patch of acne popped up, right around my widow's peak. It was rather painful and it just wouldn't go away.

So, thinking the surrounding hairs might be harboring excess bacteria to make the acne persist, I got the bright idea to pluck them.

Sure enough, the acne soon cleared up, but I was left with a small, but annoying bald patch anyway. I then shaved my head in an attempt to get that area to grow in, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

I have shaved my head twice since doing so initially, but the small, bald patch is still visible, even when I'm razor bald. This was equally annoying, so I tried yet another, crazy idea: going completely bald, with the help of my trusty epilator.

Ironically, I found I felt more at ease with my appearance, when I was bald without a shadow, than if I merely shaved. The problem, of course, is that I would like to avoid certain kinds of attention (people thinking I'm a skinhead or a lesbian, which I wouldn't mind hearing if I were), when my almost preferring being bald has absolutely nothing to do with my beliefs, my sexuality, or wanting to make a fashion statement.

I just don't always like having hair anymore.

To make matters worse, I've always had a very sensitive scalp, such that it hurt to get my hair braided, as a girl, and I still experience scalp pain whenever I wash my hair or comb it nowadays.

Even now, acne is still a monthly problem for me, but when I'm bald, it seems to refuce, at least sonewhat. I also don't get as much general scalp discomfort (pins and needles sensations) besides of course the pain of epilating.

The bad thing is my family has never seen me bald or buzzed short, and they've cried, in the past, when I cut my long hair.

Ever since my mother used to occasionally drag me around the house by my ponytail, however, I've never felt the same about having long hair, especially with how it was used against me.

As a result, it's been getting progressively shorter, over the years, to the point it's at now: just long enough to cover my ears, and somewhat resemble a mushroom cap. (My boyfriend thinks it looks like a helmet, and I suppose he's right...)

So where do you want to go from here?

add me please...

I really liked the story...I hope you continue to enjoy the experience of being completely bald...you look fabulous!

Hi. I did a google search for bald women permanent and found this site. I enjoyed reading your story and found the detailed description compelling as well as how you shared your thoughts and feelings about the experience. Do you believe you did the right thing?

You look lovely bald! Add me please.

yes i fantasize about being deposited in a nudist resort bald all over

you should be permanently bald.

I've only seen a few, but I've always thought bald women were the height of high fashion.

I think it is great as long as you are enjoying the look and the liberating feelings why not?<br />
I think you look very pretty this way,as long as you are happy and content with your look, why not just enjoy.

Hi. Was wondering if you had followed Erica's lead. Have read her 4 stories and noted the interest.

Wow Erica, great story and you are very brave! I do recognize what you say that you miss the sensual feeling after a while and shave it again! I did dshave my had 4 times (had it shave for about 2 months last time) but it is 10 years ago, would love to do it again, but I am too much afrais of what others say. ( I know I should not care....)<br />

What is the product?

The product is Cortex cream.

Thank you. I would love to be force permanently to be bald headed by a lover. That would be an ultimate sexual humiliation.

Hi gulon,<br />
<br />
Thank you for your nice compliments, but as far as my hair goes, it might be a bit late. I did some extensive research into permanent hair removal products and found one that was supposed to work. I took the plunge about 6 weeks ago and order some of this very expensive product and received it about 2 weeks later. It took me several days of thought before I decided to use it because it did have an expiration date which was coming up very quickly. I just thought it would be like everything else I'd look into and be a scam. Well that was 3 1/2 weeks ago and it would appear that the product works as advertised and better than I ever expected. All of my hair fell out after 1-3 days and there is no sign at all that it's coming back AT ALL. Now I'm starting to have some regrets for using it as being bald may no longer be a choice or an option. It would appear that I am now completely and permanently bald for the rest of my life. Just glad I didn't use it on my eye brows. So the motto of the story is be careful what you wish for because you may just get it.

I f I was you I would have stopped using the product and you will see your hair maybe grows out again after some time, I would guess in about 3 month time you will feel some stubs again, and when your hair has grown out a little and you see it is healthy, then you can shave it again if you want to. I think your hair might need some time to recover and I think you should give it a chance. Otherwise you might regret it? But you look nice bald and have a nice shaped head so you look fine without hair too ,if it should not grow back, but I would not believe that if you stop using the product now. I wish you good luck, and I hope we can be friends and keep the contact.

I only used the product once and have used it since.

It's going to be 4 weeks tomorrow and still no signs of hair, not even a little bit of stubble on my head. Just completely smooth and shiny. I have made an appointment with a dermatologist for next week to get his opinion on what's going on with my lack of any regrowth. I'll know for sure on Tuesday so I have the next few days to prepare myself for what I fear I'm going to hear.

I am sorry to hear that ,and I wish you good luck at dermatologist and I would like to hear how it went out. But you should never lose hope! Anyway I think you are looking nice bald, but I understand it is not so nice for you if it is not your own choice anymore.

Well I'm home now from my doctor's appointment and it's one of those good news/bad news deals. If you like bald women, I'm you're girl. If you like women with hair, I'm out of luck.
He did a very throughly exam of my scalp and there were no hair follicles to be found. He suggested I try Rogain to see if that might work, but that would mean using it the rest of my life because if you stop the hair just falls out. He said if that doesn't work or if I don't want to try it, I am now permanently bald the rest of my life. PERIOD! Smooth and shiny forever.

I am sorry to hear that. I think it is bad news in any case because your loss of hair is now probably irreversible, and you can not have hair again if you should like to try that again in some years. But I think you must try to think positive on this. Because from the photo you submitted I think you look attractive and sexy bald. The way I understood it from your mail you wanted to be bald over a longer time and see it if you liked it, and if you did maybe make you self permanently bald, but this fast was maybe to early for you? Now that you probably are permanently bald you should enjoy the advantages among this and that you can save the bother of shaving your hair, no expenses for hairdresser. But if I was you I would massage my scalp with moisturizing cream two times a day it will increase the blood circulation to your scalp and be healthy for your scalp and also make your scalp look more clean and shiny and sexy and it might help for a possible hair growing, I would not give up hope yet, but the fact that the follicles are gone doesn't sound good. I wonder did you had thick or thin hair when you had hair and did you had it grown out long? Personal I like it when grown up women has their hair very short or bald like you, long hair looks only cute on young girls, I think. I have not the permission to see your album, because I am not your friend and it would have been nice to see some other photos of you too. Can you please make me your friend?

I see you wrote this replay nearly a year ago. I hope you got some good news, and I hope you add a follow-up to this story.

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Would love seeing your photographs and learning more about your story.

Hello , I am a 49 years old guy. I just wanted to tell you that I think you look beautiful and sexy with you bald look! I have not seen you with hair, I am sure you look god with hair too! You also look much younger than you are, and the big ear rings combine nice with you bald hairstyle. Generally I admire the courage women has who dears to go bald - it looks so clean and nice. If I was you I wouldn`t remove my hair permanent so fast, maybe you should keep it bald by shaving it continously one or two years to see if you still likes it, and if you still like it you can do it, because you look great bald! I live in Norway, but I hope we still can be friends? I wish you a great day and take care!

i dont find it strange at all and it does look good on you. i also shave my head by choice and i love every second of it i feel fabulous and so much sexier :)

I first shaved my head 6 YRS ago to support my son when he had leukemia. I am a female. I liked the look so I kept it ever since; it's funky, edgy,and unique. I also like it's so easy care; no more hat head, bed head, or hassle with blow drying, flat-irons, curling, dyeing, etc. I shave it bald to the skin and do this 3 times a week. It has now become my own signature style and I figure I can never be pretty but I can always be different.

I love your story of how you built up you courage to become truly a very beautiful woman. I have had my hair over the years, but the shortest min has ever been was a #1 guard on the sides and back and #2 guard on the top. I hope I get the courage to do what you have. Bless you, Maybeth.

Love to shave u r head !!!!!

I have seen several women who did that and I thought that they were very attractive. Look at the money you save on not having to go to hair salons nor having to buy hair products. My hair has been short all my life and as a Marine for 26 years I was next to bald. I love the feeling of the wind blowing through my short hair. I would love to shave it but my head just not have the shape that would look good completely bald.

Sounds lovely indeed. Hmmm sounds like there is a sensual element there for you also....its rare but there are definitely other ladies who enjoy the experience...and men who find them attractive as well!

Where are these men? they are definately not in my area :(