Love Bald Women

I think bald women are beyond beautiful. There is nothing more attractive that a lady with a shaved head.
I am bald man, and the thought of having a bald woman to love is amazing
Ladyshave Ladyshave
41-45, M
5 Responses Dec 4, 2012

I agree...shorter the better...

My ultimate fantasy is a totally hairless, bald woman.

I too love beautiful bald women. In fact I'm married to one.

Lucky lucky man!! I am green with envy

Thank you. I am blessed.

Being a woman who is bald, I do love the feeling of rubbing my hand across my very smooth and shiny head.

Hey Erica
You look fantastic with t!
I shave my head and agree, there is nothing like a freshly shave smooth head.

I am also very attracted to bald women. I just love seeing the transformation from a full head of hair to completely buzzed off to shaved clean.