Experiences Of A Bald Woman

I have now been bald for a year and have been told by two different doctors that I will spend the rest of my life completely bald.
Over this past year I have been forced to adjust my life to my condition ofvoluntaryy alpoica and have had a few strange experiences along the way.
For the most part people in general don't normally comment or say anything, but their faciaexpressionsns do speak a thousand words. Strange stares, people just gapping at me ansometimeses the small children are the worst. I know it's not the children's fault. The stereotype they were taught tells them that women are supposed to have hair and when they see a women without hair they just can't help but stare. I have heard them ask their parents if that person over there is really a girl which does bother me a bit but it's something you have to adjust to when you're a baldie.
The summer sun can be a problem too. I have had to invest in a few hats and lots of sun screen to keep my head from being burned to a crisp this past summer.
All in all I have gotten used to being bald and the truth be know...I really love it. I love being completely smooth and for my head to have a nice shine to it. It just makes me feel special and kind of sexy.
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I want to be bald forever. The desire is eating me from the inside.

Hi I am bald by choice, it all started when my mother suffered one cancer (thankfully has passed) and had to shave the little hair I let her chemo, I shave my head so I decided to have it made ​​more bearable and I liked both the feeling I've been doing it a couple of years

It would be a better world if people could learn to accept that a woman has a right to be bald just like a man already has good for you for being bald and beautiful and not ashamed to go out in public but proud of who you are. hope you find more acceptance and just ignore those who are too ignorant or stupid to accept and appreciate you for how you are.

I can't even tell if Erica195 is really a female. I think it's a dude. ewwwwww lol


You can have all the fun you want poking away at my appearance, but you are the perfect example of the many "small minded" people out there that made being bald difficult.
Thank God this is America as there is no law against being ignorant because if there was, you'd been behind bars long ago.

Hey Erica :)
you wrote that the doctors had told you, that you're going to be bald for the rest of your life so i guess it's a disease(?)
I am bald since 8 years (I am 18 now), it was a hard time for me and I'm not completly through it.
The doctors still don't know if they will grow again!
May I ask you how your disease is called? It could be the same as mine so i can learn how to deal with it! I'm still hoping that they will grow, maybe because i made terrible experiences during puberty... I just can't accept it

Your the lady who makes the difference ......the one who is strong and beautiful and will hopefully show a lot of other women that hair is not what makes you beautiful ....I hope to get to know you .....Simon

I agree with others who have posted on here...you look stunning with your shiny smooth head. it brings out your face very nicely...

I think you look absolutely beautiful. you know sometimes people especially men will stare at a beautiful woman. I imagine it must have been hard for you to go out in public without any covering on your head, I think that is very brave of you and i feel the utmost admiration that you are able to do so. The world is sometimes a strange place with double standards, a man can be bald in public and nobody says anything , although i am sure some people may stare at him too thinking he is sexy looking, but that seems to be acceptable. perhaps one day women who prefer to be bald as well as others who are bald for one reason or another will be able to be accepted as bald women, i hope so it is only fair.
I am happy to hear that you are adjusting and love your new look, really think it is most important that you are happy with it. If you feel you love it and feel special and even sexy well this is going to become evident to others. I believe if you are accepting and feel good about it than people will be more accepting also. perhaps not at first but maybe , and maybe more accepting over time. I hope you can feel joy and enjoy your new look to the fullest, I wish you all happiness, and i do think you are a very special person.

I´m glad you like your look, it is amazing of course some people will stare, when they see such a beautiful woman who challenges all the stereotypes they know. Are you still missing the chance to need to shave or grow though?

Omg...u really have courage to choose ur life..enjoy ur choice life because i had dream like u but still dont have courage like u erica...i am really impressed

Thank you cicik8. How is your bald head doing?

Erica i am enjoyed with my bald head i keep clean everyday...i am more beauty with bald head

You are special and very sexy. I love being bald and love shaving my beautiful wife's head. In fact I just shaved her smooth this past Thursday. I shave daily and found your experience with the product you used to remove your hair permanently. I'm considering doing the same thing. Although when my hair was thicker I loved letting it grow so I could experience the thrill of getting a severe haircut or headshaves. As my hair thinned I started shaving it daily. I feel I look better with a bald head than with thin balding hair. Also I like being in control and making the decision to rid my head of the mangy thin hair gives me the feeling of control. Although I'm considering making myself permanently bald, at this time I don't think that would be the route for my wife. Don't get me wrong, I applaud you for having the guts to make your beautiful head permanently smooth. It's just that with us part of the sexual excitement is in removing her hair. I do wish there were a way to completely remove all of her hair so that there were no "shadow" for about a month and then let it come back. Oh well I guess you can't have it both ways. I'm so glad you have come to terms with your condition and embraced it. Just remember every time you get those looks or comments there are many of us guys and gals that appreciate the true beauty of your sexy shiney bald head as well as the beauty that lies within.