Love Bald

I cut my long hair very short 1 week ready to shave smooth and enjoy my beauty dream
cicik8 cicik8
26-30, F
7 Responses Dec 13, 2012

Did you go through with this?

So how is it going now? How long was it at first? Can share some more details of the transformation as well.

Thanks for ur advise erica...i am bald smooth like u now..feel very excited and nice...i rub and enjoy my bald head

Hi cicik8,
Congrats on your decision to go shaved and bald! It's a wonderful feeling isn't it.
And I completely agree with sandi03741. Your days of having long hair are gone. It just takes too long to grow it back out and I found that I liked being bald so much that I just kept the look and feel.
Welcome to the "bald chick club" :)

Sounds great and am glad you like it. Are you keeping it?

As a bald woman I can truly say go for it! If it's your dream to have that smooth shiny scalp then follow your dreams and let use know if you achieved them.
I have come to love being bald over the past year so go ahead and give it a try. Might be a different way to start the New Year and if you don't like always grows back, well at least in your situation it will. :)

I wish have friends same feeling with me



i like bald girls to ,bald beteen the legs