I´ll be 30 this year and after 26 years of ballet dancing it hurts more often. My body is strong but it can´t take the "abuse" ballet sometimes is. I dance proffesionally and pain and injuries is an unavoidable part of that, but I also want to be kind to myself so it´s a tough balance.

Ballet is very hard to give up though. I sometimes wonder why I keep at it, but when I enter a dancestudio it feels kind of sacred. Anyone who is a proffesional dancer knows what I mean. That athmosphere is amazing, the discipline, the pianomusic, the energy, the look of glow on the dancers faces when they feel they live on dance itself. It feeds us.

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I like how you said the studio feels sacred. It always should. Dance is a connection between the body, mind, and spirit. Few experiences in life are as divine as that.

I know the feeling. I started dance when I was 3 and started training at the joffrey ballet when I was 7. Ballet was a huge part of my life before I got pregnant and still is. I miss it so much now but I try and do simple ballet exercises whenever I can and I am going to start teaching dance next week :) whenever I step into the studio though any studio it's like coming home :)

I am 27 now and have danced since the age of 5. I took a few years away during college, but then taught for a few years up until last year when I decided to go back to school to work on my masters so I can hopefully find a "real" job, lol...anyway, yes, I know what you mean about the sacred feeling when one enters a dance studio, it's so hard to describe to someone who doesn't know that feeling or isn't a dancer. It's a feeling, a mindset of feeling everything else melt away and focusing on your body, on the music, on the dance.

I completely understand what you are feeling. In comparison, I am/was very athletic. Ran, weight lifting, sports, heavy lifting...etc.... I am turing 30 this year aswell and after 15 years of athletisism my lower-back is giving<br />
I am starting to feel pains in new places, Im not able to recoup as fast, Im not able to lift as heavy any more.... it sucks, but I guess its our bodies telling us to relax a bit. Ballet means as much to you as working out & staying active means to me. <br />
30!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!!