Oh Band :)

I'm a trumpet player. I love playing the trumpet. I spend soooo much time in the band room, I don't listen to popular music anymore because I like band music better and I'm totally okay with being out of the loop :) The happiness that music can give you is just amazing. I have every quality of being a trumpet player and until this year, I have refused to even like any other trumpet players. Other trumpets are competition, not boyfriends! ...that was until my section leader asked me to go to homecoming with him. Two months later and i'm still trying to win him over :) I stand next to him in jazz band and sit next to him in concert band. Oh band :) I love Armenian Dances Part 1, Sinfonia Voci, Transcendent Journey, Carnival of Venice, Sing Sing Sing, Pictures at an Exhibition, Bugler's Holiday, Festive Overture, Carnival Overture, and ohhh just about any song with a wicked trumpet part :)
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I'm not the only female trumpet player in the world!!!!!!!!!!