Our Marching Band Traditions

i am a band geek, i have been playing in band since the 7th grade. i am now a junior. i am currently in my second year of marching band and i love it. just to let you all know where i come from.. we have one of the smallest marching band, i would say this year we have at least 20 people. anyways one tradition we do on our away games on the bus, we play truth or dare or would you rather. when we play would you rather, it could get a little r- rated. also when we play truth or dare it gets a little r-rated. like one question was would you rather "do" the bus driver or our band teacher. or would you rather "do" that one flute player or that trumpet player. some other traditions we do is either before or after our football games or our basketball games we all go eat at one of the three restaurants that we all absolutly love. 1)dennys 2) the BK lounge 3) or taco bell. we have this thing that we do to each other. there are a couple of rules we have: DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FOOD OR DRINKS BEHIND, THIS WILL RESULT HOTSAUCE IN YOUR DRINK OR SOMETHING ODD IN YOUR FOOD. another is anywhere we go to eat you must drink MOUNTAIN DEW. if there isnt any it is DR..PEPPER. ONE way to say i am a band nerd is that in class i am alway reading my sheet music in all my other classes. another is that i have posters in my room of trumpets which is the instrument i play. and one more i will say since there is too many is that when i walk i pretend in my mind i am marching.(heel toe) and when i am standing i actually mark time haha. well this is why i consider my self a band nerd.
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lol its the same with our band. that bus has seen more action than most hotel room hot tubs.

Hahah, there's nothing like the band bus, is there? Sometimes I hum when I walk (in time, of course).