Catacombs In The Mud

My family are all irish or irish decendants, some live in houses others are traditional irish travellers, some box, some dance, I was brought up to box and to fight, I got bullied tremendously at school, My dad taught me boxing, he took me to HIS boxing gym, I mixed with other travellers their and boxed with them at first I didnt like it one bit it was horrible, but I stook at it and I became a half decent boxer, the gym was not aloud to hold a fighting license as it was full of gypsies and some of the hardest north-eastern lads, in middlesbrough and darlington including the Hall brothers, some docherties etc, if you dont know the fight game or any travellers you may not of heard of them, but I was bred in that gym, after getting the bullying undercontrol I took my fists to the street, just sticking up for myself, being a daft drunk youth etc, My family has a history of some of the best fighters in Irish history, some you may not of ever heard of or know if you bumped into them, it was all hush-hush and only our own breed knew of their skill. I took on my uncles reputation, I strived to be just like him fighting wise, he was a machine and unstopable, at 60 odd year old my grandad could still handle himself and seen him in a couple of scrapps at that age agains younger people and became best man. Fighting for me is a survival instinct, it also brings in some cash for when I am skint.

I used to go too appleby fair to watch all the fights on the fields, that was an inspiration to get better to train harder. Boxing is a sport for life, it has helped me survive and overcome so many great obstacles. 

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there is a big bloke in our local park that has been spotted a few times, my dad caughting stairing right at him in the dark. later found out that bloke was a male rapist. Luckily he never whent for my dad, luckily my dad is a boxer. I havent spotted him myself but if I do and he attacked me, I would like any other person fight for my life and kill the silly git.

I like this story. I was always small and had to learn to use the knife. I am a great knife fighter. For one thing you would never see my knife until it was all over. No one ever knew I was the guy who left many an abuser of women in the parking lot of bars all around were I lived. <br />
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I am a sociopath and make my own rules. I never wanted fame and stayed away from it but when I heard of a man who abused women or worse raped them I enjoyed the hunt and fixing the punk...DD