Going Back to "The Life" As a Bartender

i was a bartender for 11 years, and it rocked.  I am used to a very high volume environment working a solid 4pm to 3am shift with the bar 2 deep everywhere you look.  why was this the best choice for me?  1.  i could hang with the speed, and got the reputation within the bar community as being a fast workaholic bartender, and 2.  when i came to talking to women, i would completely freeze up and make a complete fool of myself, until i stepped behind a bar.  i was the guy that girls where friends with and wanted to hang out with, but would not date.  so for me it was a chance to be put in a situation where i could have a great night life and get paid for it.

please notice the second word in this story......was.  i have been out of "the life" for 4 years now.  i work as a carpenter and batch plant operator in IRAQ, and I ******* HATE IT.  In 3 weeks i am returning to the states and going right back into the industry i was ment to be in.  i chased the money, instead of being happy.  the overall life, the speed, having a service bar ticket printer spitting out ticket after ticket after ticket.  weeded up to my ball sack for hrs on end.   look out sa, the mick is back.

dallasthebartender dallasthebartender
2 Responses Mar 18, 2009

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Have you considered the fact that bartending is for the most part a job for the youth. You are still young, but you may want to consider a plan for the days when the younger crowd behind you take your job. Maybe a position in bar management or learning the skills necessary to operate your own bar. <br />
I wish you the very best.