Bastard And Proud.

I can't feel sorry for the pain of others, you would say that makes me insensitive. I don't care about world hunger, you say that I am evil. I can find humor in everything, you call me an *******. I am only human, I just chose not to wear a mask anymore. It is common place that we hide our true feelings, hide what we think, refrain from what we would say, hide... who we truly are. Not I.

It has long been a practice of society to shun and cast out the unique members. Those of an elevated IQ. Those who think on a different plane. Who can see what others cannot..... or simply chose to ignore. Those who chose to believe, who live outside the "norm". Who walk not the path laid before us, but the one we carve ourselves. But even in this technological age, Society fears us. They think us freaks. We know the secrets, we found the keys, we can see the strings. We have simply grown up. But in a society that is far too content to be controlled. We are the evil ones, because we can think for ourselves.

And yet, it is US who at the edge of the precipice, stand up to save the rest. We who have the ability to lead, the silent guardians, waiting in the shadows. You think us lowlifes, you think us insane, you see us as degenerates, criminals, the black sheep. You fear us. Yet at the end, it is us to whom you turn, to us to whom you plead. And despite the neglect we where forced to endure, we stand up to lead the fight.

The Maniacally Insane Sociopathic Bastards. Those who have watched as you destroy everything around you. Your methods, your ideologies, you false idols. You live each day thinking the world is perfect that everything will be alright.

What you fail to realize is that beneath the Heaven you chose to see, Hell has been raised in its place. A Hell you chose to construct. A Hell you voted for. A Hell you believe in. And God will not save you this time. Is it any wonder he does not speak when you cry out? He is waiting. Watching. You brought this on yourselves. You chose this reality. Despite everything he taught you, everything he has showed you. By every means he has guided you, still you walk the gilded path, oblivious to what the paint is covering up.

You think us blind and yet we are the only ones who see. You think us dumb, we simply chose not to speak. You think us deaf, we hear everything. We know the truth, and yet you fear us. We can save you, and you would cast us out. Our blood will lay the foundations of the future. And when we do, all the neglect, all the hatred, the fear; will conveniently be forgotten.... by you.

We know the truth, we see the truth, we speak the truth. You are not ignorant, you simply chose to ignore. Ignorance, or indifference which do you think is the greater Sin?

"Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live." - Adolf Hitler
ZanderJGavin ZanderJGavin
26-30, M
Jan 14, 2013