I Love You Beach !

I love going to the beach.. I love wading in the ocean.. I love sitting on the sand and looking out at the sea.... when I'm at the beach it clears my mind..
washes the stress away and makes me feel all happy inside. When I lived near Santa Cruz Ca and unemployed I was at the beaches at least 3x a week every week. I remember it was summer, I was at Scott Creek Beach just sitting on a log and watching the surfers. Surfers are so sexy... studs.

I was watching 2 groups of surfers when all of a sudden I saw 3 fins sticking out of the water ! OMG, I was scared - thinking that the fins belonged to sharks I started waving my hands so to catch the surfers' attention. Well , they just ignored me. I thought to myself maybe they don't see me so I went into the water as far as I could without freaking myself out... I was stressed - those beautiful surfers out there with fins.. I was afraid for them. After running up and down the beach several times and watching the guys surfing and having fun I just figured I did all that I could. I was yelling even to no avail.   I felt bad cuz I had to leave but I didnt want to go home - I was so scared at what might happen in my absence..... As I turned around to see my  favorite surfer dudes  I saw them... Dolphins !   The fins belonged to dolphins  ... awwww thats why the hang ten dudes didnt care. They knew the dophins were there - I was the gal on the beach who  acted like a complete idiot.  They were so beautiful and flowing with grace. I stayed alittle longer to watch the pod playfully swim nearby - so I ran into the water trying to get the dolphins attention - by that time the majestic mammals were only like 50 ft away.  The day at Scott Creek Beach near Davenport Ca is one of my favorite memories I will always cherish. The day I  could almost reach out and touch the dolphins... !!
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beautiful story - I feel exactly the same about the cleansing and happiness effect of a beach and water. I am not one to suntan, but one to totally recharge at the beach. I love to walk on it - swim in it, live on it - and totally absorb all of the beauty it offers.<br />
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If I had ever lived by the ocean, I probably would have been a surfer - that would be like heaven for me!<br />
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I did swim with a shark in the Florida keys (smaller than me by a bit) - which was ok - but a whole school of them would be quite frightening.