Sexy Black Goddess Of Abundance Right Here

When you see me, you see my pride, my history
My ancestors were strong and regal and proud.
I love the way my caramel complexion glistens under the sun,
the color contrast between your light skin and mine, as we embrace.

I demand respect, I love to be worshiped....treated like a Queen!

If you love treating your lady like a Queen, especially if you are subservient, say hello!

I have a huge fetish for submissive men at home yet very wealthy and powerful at work.
I love the power exchange!
layla44dds layla44dds
31-35, F
3 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Just wanted to say hello. We have the same interest, I love the power exchange too. I love to give it up. Your post is old, but I sincerely hope I will hear from you.


I love your self description,and your 44dds look so scrumptious!