I Pooped During Break At Work

This happened about noon today. My students had gone to recess, so I now had the classroom to myself. I have five female students who insist on deliberately pooping in their underwear, so I have a special area in my classroom where they are to go and a chair they are to sit in when they want to poop. I was wearing an adult pull-up diaper under a skirt and polo, so I figured I might as well poop. I went into the poop area, sat in the poop chair, relaxed my bowels, and I pooped and I filled my diaper with soft, odorless poop. When I finished pooping, I went into a restroom & removed my skirt. I removed my poopy diaper, cleaned my butt, washed my hands, and put on a fresh diaper. I then replaced my skirt.
BarbaraPoops BarbaraPoops
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