So last night when my sister got back from a friends at about 8 my mum had to change her because she had peed her pull up, soo my mum changed her and diapered her up again, so Abby went upstairs and sat in bed and me and her just chatted. So at about 9ish I let out a fart, which yes did smell, so Abby said that she felt she needed a fart so let one rip but little did she know that she just unloaded a huge amount of diohrea, so my sister got out of bed and waddled downstairs.

Abby told mum what had happened so my mum took Abby to the bathroom and lifted her on to the changing table. My mum then undone the diaper, Abby then said "no mum I'm going to poop, so my mum quickly done her diaper back up and Abby started to poop, my mum went to get some towels and placed them all around Abby.. At about 9:30 Abby stopped pooping and my mum came to change her, the towels where covered in poop. My mum cleaned Abby up put a clean nappy on on her and put a pair of plastic pants on her in case she poops tonight.

Hope you all enjoy, xxxx
Kaceygirlpoopsherpullup Kaceygirlpoopsherpullup
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Did you poop your diaper that night?