How Does A Woman Define Beautiful To Herself?

I think it would be interesting for all of the women that have posted here or who look over this forum to post an entry about what their personal concept of physical beautiful is for themself..not what someone else thinks of them or thinks they should look like or be, not what society determines beautiful should resemble, but what do you, as a woman, consider to be your own standard of beauty?

Do you feel like you match what you "would like to be", do you feel truly beautiful just being who you are, both inside and out..? Many people have at least something they would like to change about themselves physically, but how much does your own perception of beauty, or what is physically beautiful in relation to being female/feminine, affect your own thoughts or feelings in relation to yourself and/or your romantic relationships?

Also, does this affect your thoughts or feelings in relation to other women in general?
This is definitely a huge factor that infiltrates basic female relations I think for a lot of people that a lot of men are completely baffled some women can literally be nasty/disgustingly horrid in character/behavior to other least in part because of their own feelings about themself and how they relate to the world/men/other women on a daily basis. I don't happen to be one of the sort of women that get caught up in the dynamics of cattyness and the like, but it's something that's interesting to think about, isn't it? Why do women treat other women horribly based on a standard of beauty or competition for attention of some sort?

I'll be brave (I guess) and post my own internal idea of feminine beauty..not that there is only one kind, hardly, but a general image I guess of that which I would like to resemble and more often than not, don't really feel like I reach. I'm not exactly on the complete opposite spectrum I suppose, as in like, I hold a standard that's just absolutely impossible to achieve and I only hurt myself by keeping it or something, but..nonetheless, there are things I don't feel like I am..or can ever really be..because within my own (perhaps flawed) perception, I just didn't come into the world like that.

On a related boyfriend referred to me as gorgeous the other his eyes apparently..I'm already there, I already am that, but as I reserve such a loftyish description for the sort of female standard shown below, I don't exactly incorporate that term as applied to myself.
I tend to think that women who know they are physically stunning or who perceive themselves as such, have received specific affirmation in life, primarily from the male sector, possibly in mass, which has confirmed this as being so.
That isn't particularly something I can relate to much, so..if what he tells me is the actual truth that I've possibly misplaced somehow, perhaps that could mean A) life did not provide me with early affirmation from appropriate sources to get me rolling in an otherwise natural self-understanding and/or B) the majority of men/boys I've ended up involved with couldn't properly appreciate or distinguish between say, a woman of true virtue available for lifetime commitment and a dime-a-dozen, overtly sexual, hang out at the downtown street corner for discounted nightly wages woman, and if that is so, why should either of those things logically have any power to mess with me at all?? Unfortunately feelings are much more complicated and subversive than logic..


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I think it is similar to the definition of happiness that I recently heard -<br />
Happiness is knowing that you are in the right place and going in the right direction.<br />
Beauty is the feeling that you have all the right things in life to be inspiring to other people.<br />
This may be not as solid as the 'happiness' :)

the post is 2 long.... i only read the first paragraph....... but answering ur first question, my concept of beautiful is...... well when i feel my best is when i'm not only dressed in pretty garments, but when i'm at peace with myself, u know doing good with my family, exercising, respecting myself, and learning something new...... hard 2 explain >_<

You are physically beautiful..keep it up...hope you are beautiful inside as well for TRUE BEAUTY is more than skin deep.