I am Beautiful Woman tall with big breasts and unusually activ vag, and every time someone asks me for marriage (even today). But if I ever would agree for wedding it will be very happy deep emotional relationship ended surprising fast and violent ly...  No, I dont search the husband. Only someone fo: eat him.

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I have a rare delicacy for you: my uncooked, unwashed ***.

Sharpen?... Gre, You are nice and walk so fast! But Match is not possible, because after marriage we will be cookin dinner in our home or to be on October Fest and eating sussage with our mouth as meet together our tongues, and fat sweaty cherubim will be flying over our heads. And on and on... boring... Take me to the forest, better.

And again, and again... NO MATCH! Good bye! NEXT PLS.




Yesterday I made decision that I get marriage (for get peace of men) with Marinairos: because in divine way our tummies are connected and he has skill to write short very slushy funeral poetry. I was to **** him yeterday, but someone drunk me before...

Or.... hurry with the Pat.

That I killed my cat doesnt matter yet I have complex of Medea. Absolutelly clearlt appears by me archetipe of Penelopha with all wooders which she gives quests can make only Odys. Odys comes and do it with tease.

My absolutely lovely kitty, Szponiątko, was plucked as chicken each night by horrible Jvs near my home. I heard its horrible and long crying, hour after hour... He beck to me in horrible state. It was long... So, I must killed him.

If you want talk to me - talk about my book - not marriage, because it makes me nervous.

Masculinums call the wife: PIZZA FOR FREE in my country pizza sounds similar as count.

So, I ll never be your Pizza for free. You loose your energy if you fight for that.

Marriage. Marriage - I hear this each day! I NEVER GET MARRIAGE. Publish my book. This is subject I talking about. I ll never be ur wife! - I can **** you if u r nice. Thats all.

Jewish old pimp named 'grandmum ania' said to me before monday accident, that when do knockdown this man he strange smells...

Michael Jacson, Nicole s MITCH, Witney HUnGstone - are the same. We are ur victims.

Yesterday I was dragged into a trap loving tete-a-tete with jew and his mother fo: marriage. Tea, wine, sweets, etc and big jewish errection. I escaped. omg.

I always cry: no jews and no hived and always some jew fox to me (or hived jew). This is very uncomfortable for me. But... I drunk a lot of red dry wine and did eat some cacke, lol. It made situation a little more comfortable. But I grabed this out, because I didn want sit by jew. Such a errection, btw.! I never saw this before at human being only at bull. Like atavisme... Lol.

Normally I like very much sit and talk with someone funny and supping red wine. But not with jew with such biiiiig erection, jesss...

But every my fren is crushed when he talk friendly with me. It is sad, very sad situation.

Man, if undeerstand that grundmum ania' (sweety) cacke i = human **** and if u meanthat red wine is human blood - so u should know, that church ******* to ur jar-head.

Man, if undeerstand that grundmum ania' (sweety) cacke i = human b.o.d.y* and if u meanthat red wine is human blood - so u should know, that church f.u.c.k.e.d. d.o.w.n. * into ur jar-head.

Do poniedziałkowej imprezy z tortem przyznało się ugrupowanie szydełek, powodem było: po pier'wsze, że uciekłam ze schadzki z udem; po drugie, że się poskarżyłam. Zastosowałabym Złotą Proporcje z największą radością.

His jewish brother now rides arround me in his car and shows me angry face and try keep shut my f.u.c.k.i.n up. Everybody playing this party is jew workin in prison-business.

They said that because I denied sx for jw my son will eat his mouth with pain, because they will torture him. And my son didnt back to home this night. I am very nervous...

I dont know where is he

My son is back home, thx Gods! Hes face is normal. I was really scared... If not to my son they did it to someone other - they scare and do it.

W3 - dont scare and do it.

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Marriage is kind of prison. Even dont try this with me. How many time u may ask fo:?

But this is not reason for get marriage. (I am still asked by some people on reality and thats why I answer here) If u r wild woman all try to make u a wife, because wife is more save for population. Sys is scared because of free human energy.