Depends And Goodnights

I still wet the bed but I don't always wear something for it. When I'm at my house I have a plastic sheet on my bed and wear Goodnights which sometimes leak. When I'm at my mommy's house I wear Depends diapers because they don't leak but if I sweat they'll give me a rash. I really like to go to my uncle Roy's house because he has a maid and she doesn't mind if I wet the bed or not. Usually when I'm there I just wear underwear and pj's to bed but I always wake up soaked in the middle of the night and in the morning because my uncle Roy lets me drink.

i found a new diaper that i really like and willingly wear one every night now. the diaper i found is cushies from abuniverse. they're really absorbant and don't leak no matter how much i move in my sleep.

BabySasuke BabySasuke
22-25, T
Mar 11, 2010