My Son Is Cured, So There Is Hope For You Guys

Just wanted to share my story. My son was bedwetting for years. Me and my husband have tried out everything but nothing really worked. At the age of 9 he was still bedwetting. Not long ago we got a Malem alarm, and after 4 weeks of using it, our son stopped bedwetting! We're so happy that he finally overcame this unpleasant problem. We've got the alarm at , but I'm sure there are many places you can order it.
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Has anyone tried Acupuncture?

not anything work for me so just keep on wearing my diapers and rubber pants

Yes i also know of somebody it worked at first and thenafter a couple months dry it started again and pad did not the second time with me they did no good at all some people grow out of others do'nt in my case im like 60 and have not and for a long time it bothered me but now it dose'nt. when i was younger any one askedif i still wet the bed i would denny it now i would tell i do. there nothing i nor any one else can do for it

i really know of anyone it worked for most were just to takemoney from the parents prmosing alot and giving nothg back but frstration

AS i said before i've triedeverything in the book and then some nothings worked . seen everykind of doctor there is including holalistic and still nothing changed so i learned to embrace it and go with the flow

good it worked for your son nothing as for me i would of loved to stop bed wetting but to late for me now if i get drunk i wet the bed or sofa or my pants

Those things may work for some but it didn't for me. They have been around for 60+ years and their sucess rate is small. If it helped in your case, thats great. My case was purely rebelous. When I was no longer under my parents roof I quit bedwetting. Just that simple. Its a long story and if anyone wants to know I'll be happy to relate it.

msoy of tha stuff is a waist of money and the drugs are like many other youhave to keep upping to dose or they stop working too

used an alarm for a year didnt work now in diapers


If it can't be cured then embrace it. I have accepted my bedwetting and enjoy sleeping in nappies

They have very little success . i'm 57 yrs old and belive me i 've tried everything and nothing has worked .some pepole have a problem and has to deal with it i have never been dry my hole life but have learned to except it and deal with it and even learned to enjoy it i have day time problems as well and I am now a diaper lover

i know thing have changed sense i was a child, but some of the thing they did had to be crue and unusally punishement<br />
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trying to stop some thing i had no control over<br />
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think the worst was the device that gave you a shock to wake you up when you started to wet only problem was it seemed the shock made it all comeout at once<br />
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to me it is like medications that you have to keepo taking more and more of to maintain control then you are right back were you started wetting at night if not more and medicatios no longer work

Tried the alarm and most other things in the book, but I'm still a bedwetter at 18.......

well at least it worked for some one