30 , Gay and a Bedwetter.

Hey all,

nice to see a fellow group around. Anyways, I'm gay, 30 and a bedwetter...not a great combo if you want to find that special someone. I've wet at night all my life off and on and have used disposables diapers. I dont mind them , in fact, i've gotten used to them and now see them as more comfy and cute. It would be nice if more guys saw them that way. I suppose it makes life interesting...and well ya gotta turn the tables for yourself. I wear jammies sometimes as well to make it fun and still have my baby blanket and pooh bear. Anyways, just thought I would try and make life a little more bearable lol.

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I LOVE MY WET BED! I am not a bed wetter, that is I do not pee in my sleep, I just wake up and enjoy the wonderful warm flood and go back to sleep.

I would love to have a partner who peed the bed with me, on purpose or by accident. Just how snuggly would that be?

thank god after 62 years I don't anymore and don't miss it

Nothing wrong with that I know a few time's in my life I've drank so much water and someTimes i Don't pee before I go to bed I lay on my stomach I'll wake up SEVERE pressure it feels great **** I spread MY arms and legs eagle and just push MY SELF lnto the plastic cover and let it go if I hold it TO LONG it feels like an non-stop organism I'll sleep stomach down all night I'll drink some wash my Pits IN THEM I work out at the gym so my Pits get nice and ripe enhancing my scent q

not for me I would never enjoy doing it on purpose and when I wet or messed myself I had to shower I can't stand to be dirty and smelly

Hey, it would not be a problem with me. I wet the bed well into my teens so I can understand, and it would not bother me at all.

I'm a bisexual male that wet his bed most nights so I would'nt mind sharing my bed with you in fact I think it would be fun

I am gay male and would love to share the bed with you

you're not alone