I Have Never Been a Bedwett...

I have never been a bedwetter, and here is why.  When I was three or so I wet the bed at my family's camp.  It wasn't exactly a bed either, it was just a cott.  I thought it wouldn't matter if I cleaned it up well enough and kept it to myself.  One of my older cousins discovered it the next day and made a big to-do about it.  I was humiliated and couldn't sleep for a long time after that because I wanted to ensure that I didn't wet the bed again.  And I never did.

Correction, I did.  But I don't think you can count the one time I was entirely too drunk and completely unconcious.  Not even sleeping, I mean passed out.

theophania theophania
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2007

yes a you getting drunk counts you wet the bed when you been drinking then that dose count as it happens to me if i drink i wet the bed and it will happen every time i drink a was a bed wetter as a kid till i was 18 everyone new and called me all sorts of names but i could not stop bed wetting you was lucky

Some people just get lucky and don't end up with that problem. It doesn't mean they did a better job of deciding not to, it just means they got lucky.