My Bedwetting Story As I Grew Up.

Growing Up As A Bedwetter



I was born in 1973 and wore cloth diapers as a baby.  I remember getting my diapers changed when I was four by my mommy.  I was late to train and still wet the bed well past four.  I was out of daytime diapers by the time I was four and a half but still wet the bed.  Mom took me out of diapers at night because I outgrew them around that age and I was just left to soak in my own pee. 


My folks got ma a water bed for my first real bed since I was soaking it each night and the plastic mattress was waterproof.  I had a regular twin bed for my actual first bed but I only slept in it for a few months before I ruined the mattress with my pissy habit.  I slept in a crib at my babysitter’s house because I still wet and she didn’t want me leaking all over her beds.  I remember being put in the crib and complaining about it so she left the sides down so I didn’t feel so trapped.


When I was around six I remember my folks trying to get me to stop wetting by using a bedwetting alarm from Sears.  It was an aluminum sheet that went under my regular sheet to detect wetness.  When I started to pee the paper between the foil got wet and let the contacts touch, setting off the alarm.  I can still hear the alarm going off in my head, oh I hated that thing.

We used that for around six months or so until they found out how much it was to replace those pads each week.  It wasn’t working all the time either; sometimes I would wake up soaked and it never went off.  We ditched that toy when I got zapped by it and woke up screaming.


They tried limiting my fluids at night, giving me special meds that were supposed to slow the urine production and let me wake up dry and waking me up before thy went to bed to pee.  Nothing seemed to work.  I had a few dry nights but none continuous.  I remember waking up wet and then trying to find a dry spot to fall asleep on or moving to the floor to get more sleep.  I got in trouble a few times for soaking the carpet.  My folks were really getting toward the end of their rope.


When I was eight, my mom gave into my wetting and got me some toddler diapers to tuck into my underpants.  They soaked up most of the pee and only left the bed a bit moist.  This worked as a solution for a while but because I wasn’t actually taping them on they leaked.  I was able to do my own laundry then and was responsible for putting my wet sheets in the washer before school and drying them at night before bed.  I was doing it every day but with these diapers tucked into my underpants I was able to go a week without changing them.  I think this is how I got my love for the pee pee smell.


Around ten my folks found out about a urology clinic in Mass that specialized in bedwetters.  We went there for the first initial visit and it was ok, just some talking and a physical exam.  The second visit though, that was a different story.  The brought me back to another room and had me change into a gown then brought my into a room that had some huge machines in it.  I was scared and didn’t want to go in there at all.  They used the whole “be an adult” routine and I was eventually in.  They laid me on a table and explained what they were going to do.  They would put a catheter up my urethra and fill my bladder with liquid to see how much I can hold.  I thought that was an interesting concept until I realized where my urethra was!  They open my gown and lubed up a tube to stick into my penis.  I was really scared and sweating badly as they took hold of my penis and started sliding it in.  I cried a bit but tried to be a man about it.  Once it was in the taped it to the end of my thing and we walked over to the machine.  They hooked the tube on my penis to the machine and started to fill me up.


It was an uncomfortable feeling, being filled like that, but they did it slow and it didn’t hurt.  It took forever though, probably a half hour to fill me up, the whole time me standing there with my penis sticking out of my gown.  The Dr.’s talked to me about my wetting habits and such making me more embarrassed than ever.  They told me I had to hold I out for as long as I could so they could find out the actual amount my bladder could hold. 


I held on as long as I could and finally said we had to stop.  They took a measurement and then pulled the cath out.  Oh my god it hurt so much that I screamed a bit when they took it out.  The best was yet to come though:  My bladder was FULL and my urethra hurt from being invaded like that.  I had to pee but it burned so bad that I cried in the bathroom.  I was so upset and embarrassed by the whole situation that I wanted to die.


The Dr.’s talked with my folks and they set a date in six months to do it again.  I was very mad at my folks for putting me threw that but eventually I relaxed about it.  Six months later though….we were back.  I was not as scared as last time, but still didn’t want to go threw with it.  They got me hooked up like last time and filled me up.  This time I held more but still had to endure the discomfort of the situation.  When they pulled out the cath this time I was bleeding a bit.  I was scared because I didn’t usually bleed out of my penis.  They told me that it might burn a bit more than last time since I was cut somewhere inside, and they weren’t kidding.  I almost couldn’t pee because it hurt so badly.  I let some out there but I had to hold it in because of the pain.  We stopped at three or four gas stations on our way back to the hotel where we were staying.  I cried each time I had to pee.


Six months later we were on our way back to the Dr. and I had a panic attack in the car.  I was crying and shivering, sweating and throwing up.  I felt awful so my folks finally gave in and decided we didn’t have to do that anymore.


Around my tenth Christmas I was still wetting every night and was given toddler diapers to tuck into my underpants to soak up my pee.  Well I was sick of my wetting and started to punish myself by rubbing my face in the wet sheets and holding the soaked diaper up to my mouth and forcing myself to drink some pee that I squeezed out of the diaper.  I would rub the smelly thing all over my body and especially my penis.  I didn’t know it but I was learning how to **********.  I actually had an ****** during one of my punishment sessions and I think that leads to my diaper fetish today.


Threw my teen years my wetting had slowed to only a few nights per week.  My mom took away the diapers because she realized what I was using them for.  She found them around my room and saw the stains I was leaving.  I just soaked the bed when I wet and woke up uncomfortable.  Here I was a teenager in high school waking up in a puddle of pee.


 My wetting slowed as I got older but never really went away.  I got my first apartment and after wetting a few times I got some adult disposable diapers and have been hooked since.  I still wet the bed to this day but now I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants for it.  I am sure my wetting gave me my diaper fetish but I love them so I will wear them until I am old and grey.

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Oh yes there is a deafent link between child hood bed wetting and adult diaper wearing and wetting<br />
I'm 58 and still diapered 24/7 for wetting . my folks tried everything to get to stop from punishment to embarrassing me to evrykind of doctors and test out there inculding a clinic they about that I had to stay for 90 days after the 7 of a evalation in whitch they would qutoe re trainyou well that sucked because the time you were out of diapers some sticking some up butt or your pennis changing you or putting you on the toilet at 15 and havig a wetting and messing problem already did enjoy some body giving you a supporitoriy and making you go in a diaper it was horriable and only got worse because it did'nt work and they find a cause that s when things got real bad at home the increased that when i was told that for now on my mother was diaper me fulltime and now it was more public my fafther seemed enjoy embarrassing me evena couple of times making undress in front of others to give a beating 1turned out to be my best friend and another be came my wife. so growing up a true bedwetter sucks but now I 've learned to deal with it and have ffun with it

It just affirms my beliefs there is a strong conection between childhood bedwetting and adult nappy wearing or bedwetting.

Thanks for sharing, and with so much detail! Your harrowing medical adventures make one wish that little bit harder for real "Star Trek" style medical advances!

Who does really enjoy a wet bed?? It is what it is. I have a similar story,without the visits to the doctor sticking a tube up my ****** ! Ouch ! My eyes water just thinking about that. I peed my bed just about every night of my life until I was about 12 or 13 then it diminished. I am pushing 39 and still have 2 or 3 wet beds a week. I am staying at a Marriott hotel for business this week and slept last night in a disposable (Teena plus) and plastic pants. It leaked a bit so my bed is "moist". The cleaning staff is used to it and they put a rubber sheet on my bed after the first night when they found a wet disposable in my garbage can. It is what it is.