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The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life.   - Plato

That is a great quote and one I wholeheartedly believe in.  So I was watching Obama's speech education yesterday before I went to knit at the Prison.  I liked the speech, but every time he says God or Bless I cringe.  I also don't feel that it is enough.  I want sweeping changes that allow for everyone to get a graduate degree regardless of station and wealth.  So, I ask the girls in our circle if they were able to watch it and they were. Then I asked what they thought of it.  They didn't like it because they felt that he was "dissing" on people that dropped out of high school.  Then they went on to say that dropping out doesn't make a difference in life and you can just get a GED and go to college.  Now I try to keep perspective on this whole thing.  These girls are all below the age of 19 and most of them have been in and out of the system for many years.  I try to explain that he wasn't trying to dis.  He was trying to say that we need to take efforts to ensure that children want to stay in school and get the most out of education that they can.  I was trying to balance the desire to not lower their self esteem with my desire to drill into them how important education is for setting up a path they will go down.  I think I failed, but I found their immediate responses very much not what I was expecting.

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I completely agree about one on one homework attention. I would hope for my dream world to include such a thing. I have a good friend with a 14 year old son. He was failing math. I have been tutoring him for over a month now and the changes are drastic. It does take him a little while to "get" it, but he always does. A large part of that is explaining it individually over and over until that happens. It takes time and effort on both our parts, but that is what the world needs. Effort towards the things that matter instead of as Roger Waters says "being Amused to death".

Those are wonderful Ramblings Betty. I love hearing how the education system works for the ozzies. :P I guess our system is somewhat similar besides the fact that they can only get loans for part of the tuition for school for the first 2 years. They have to come up with the rest by working or family. When they graduate they are straddled with huge bank loans before they even being life. I just believe that free education is the only way to have a true democracy, not to mention an educated populace.

education is useless beyond the basics and does not matter one little bit if aafter all your degrees you can't get a f*cking job

Andrew, just to have made a difference in one life is very remarkable. You should be proud of her and yourself. :-)<br />
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Lilt, It is amazing how people's attitudes affect children. My daughter has the same book bag in college as she had in elementary school. She just never wanted to give it up, even with the little girl writing on it. It's pink and it's her comfort zone, I guess. I'll never understand how people don't foster a love of learning for reading and everything else in their children.

I like how you so casually to go knitting at the prison. :)

This is a great story, Krypton. We have a place down the road that houses "troubled teens." Sadly, most of their troubles began with the lack of parenting. Education opens all the doors, but that education begins at home when, they are just cute little babies.<br />
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Last fall, when we were shopping for school supplies, a woman overheard my 6yr.old say he didn't want a new backpack. She turned to him and said "I know you hate school and wish you didn't have any backpack at all, hehe." He said, "No, I like school." This woman had 4 kids with her. It made us very sad.

My hats off to you Krypton. These are young ladies with probably no mentors and who have been beaten down time and time again. When you get in trouble, you're pretty much labled and left for the heap. It's people like you who can give them the respect and self esteem they need to hopefully make better decisions in the future. Andrew, My hat is off to you too. Some kids are susceptible of slipping through the cracks and if someone doesn't come along and pick them up, they stay there with their feet dangling. You guys do just that. I used to volunteer at "The Girls Club" when my youngest daughter was young. There is none nearby or I would today too. <br />
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Education is too important in any society. I am also glad President Obama is paying more attention to Education and hopefully will rescind or properly fund the NCLB Act. Unfunded mandates will never work and to then push for school vouchers (so the rich can recoup some of their tax money AND send their kids to private school) and expect the system not to fail is just plain wrong.

They do need help. I know that look in their face when they "get" something. I do love that.

Well, it is actually a high security juvenile detention center. It is basically a prison for kids. These are the violent offenders, including sexual assault. A lot of how they define themselves has to do with being against the norm. I have to speak softly when trying to say that certain society standards do have a healthy purpose, of which education is one.