Alone In Australia Forever Growing In His Truth

I am now living in Australia: and I been living here now for about five years on my own, alone, in a small western Australia community
How I got here is not something I wish to go into, but I am here. I have found this time one off growth however painful it has come about.
Now I have the time to spend just focusing on growing more in the knowledge off the word.
I am having difficulty with my mother being so far away at a time she is frail and not well, I cry buckets over this, and then remember to turn to the Lord. She has family their she is not alone, however the whole reality off aging parents is painful. I lost my Dad a few years back.
My mother never really function well after that, I wish Jesus would come back soon and take away forever the pain off this world.

sunshineintheshadows sunshineintheshadows
61-65, F
Oct 18, 2011