Dear God,

Too many times in my life I have had no other way out, but to get on my knees and pray to God to help me.  In those times I have peace, because when God is for you who can be against you??  So many times God has responded to my prayers, sometimes He waits.  A few times the answers have been no.  However those are okay because God puts something in my path.  I'm led often and we should do this anyways, to pray for someone else or a situation.  Praying gives me a sense of hoping in something bigger then myself that someone else is watching over me and willing to handle things for me.  Prayer is powerful!  Prayer is good!

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Sounds like you need a that only the Lord can provide for you. Love her means simply that love her. I'm not trying to give you a hard time and God is the only one who can give your mind true peace from this fog that is trying to overshadow you. Don't give up brother. The Lord has not given up on you. It may seem like that (satan's doing), but in times of great storms it is the Lord that carries us through them. God says in the bible that the husband is supposed to be the spiritual head of the family. If you two can't do it together why not you just do it alone with your two kids? You're no hen, just a man in this spiritual battle like the rest of us. Aren't we all called to carry our cross? The Good Lord has brought you this far He will not leave you nor forsake you now. Things will get better so put on your armour of God and do not give up! God will renew your strength as an eagle if we faint not!!

These things that you are being tried with I apologize for them, but I read that you lost your dream job, but brother you have a job. You prayed that your wife to be more attentive and more sexy, why not just love her for her. What is she going through WITH you?? No excuse to sin. Fall back in love with her that made you fall in love in the first place, I hope not just sexiness. Depression, what are you focusing your mind on brother?? Bad things happen to us all, however what did our EXAMPLE do. Jesus prayed. You are asking for a mentor while for all these years Jesus is and will be our your greatest mentor and friend. A friend just told me tonight that God looks to be our Mentor and teacher. Keep witnessing, keep encouraging, and stay within your means. You didn't get that job prospect, maybe because God is putting you where His sick people are so that you can CONTINUE to witness and spread the word. I'm sorry that you MIGHT (SPEAK LIFE BROTHER) lose your home, but you say you may have to move into an apartment. I see that you and your family will NOT be homeless. You are still able to make a plan and a move to other means of shelter. Many people right now are HOMELESS!! You fell today and hurt yourself and I'm sorry for the pain that you are in, but brother you are alive to write this message to me and God blesses us with the GREAT PHYSICIAN and God made us with strong bodies that can heal. It still amazes some doctors how wonderfully made our bodies are!! Repeat the class and keep going. Are you gonna let this one exam (or perhaps 15 other possible failed exams stop you, brother) keep fighting the good fight. Jeremiah 29:1-13.....remember this verse? I think you shuld reequip yourself with this promise from our Savior. Your kids are disrespecting you?? They shouldn't do that..and you should remind them of what the Lord says about kids being disobedient to their parents. Do you witness and read the bible to them and with them, brother?? Raise up a child to walk in the ways of the Lord and when he is older he will not depart from it. Renew your faith in the Lord and He will refresh your spirit. Satan wants you to curse your life that God has blessed you with and die, but God LOVES you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Keep working for the Lord and on that day you can hear these words instead: Well Done thy good and faithful servant!

Better words can't be spoken lilyiam

I'm glad that you both liked the story and you both made me smile! I do believe prayer can change anything if we are fervent in them and do not falter. I know for a fact that I would be dead if it were not for God and His loving, saving grace. Let's all stay on our knees and may God recieve His glory.

When Paul's inspired words "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much in James 5:16, they were but only words of truth. God may not always answer our prayers, and when He does it may not be the answer we desired, however we know by faith that God hears us, loves us if we love Him from our hearts and not lips [Proverbs 8:17], knows our needs {Matthew 6:8] and is pleased with our faith [Hebrews 11:6] and will reward us in ways such as [1 Samuel 2:8] My wife and I prayed together for 21/2 years to help us with the needed funds for just a simple marriage. We finally got married with a $24 set of rings that my wife to be bought and our marriage was just us in the home of a local judge. And our reception was just us at Chow King. For 39 months life has been hard and without, yet our faith never wavers because we know in God's time all things will come. Your words and you're faith are good. Thank you