Is He Telling the Truth?

Hey thanks for listening!                                          I met a man who is married, and have heard through friends that he is very unhappy in his current relationship. He told me 4 wks. ago give him two wks. to rid himself of his well you know wife, this has not happened yet,he comes by after work and never brings it up.I dont know what to do? not only am I  the one being led on here so are my children, they are old enough tose something is off, he is the only man I have ever let in our lives since their dad,7 yrs. ago. I really need some advice,anybody have any sugestions?                 THANKS! onedge39
onedge39 onedge39
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2 Responses Mar 28, 2007

Dear Emerald Just found out the hard way!he dumped me over the sum of 130$,I sould have protected my heart just a little bit more than I did.THANK`S Emerald!.......

Leave him alone, and keep him from your kids' life until you read of his divorce in the newspaper!! lol. then you'll know if he's playing games or serious.